Here you’ll find answers to all of your questions about the app:

  • How do I go “online”?

  • How do I set my services/ modalities?

  • What do I do after accepting a booking?

  • How do I “complete” a booking?

  • What if the client wants to extend?

  • How can I block clients that they don't want to receive booking requests?

  • And so much more….


The Blys Pro App can be downloaded from the links below.


If your account has already been approved by Blys, you can simply log in to the Blys Pro app.

  • If you’re having issues logging in to the Blys Pro app, simply ‘Reset Password’ in the app
  • If you’re having issues with your email, simply ‘Sign up’ from scratch in the app and we’ll set you up

Our Customer Service team is on-call to help you onboard the Blys pro app.

Otherwise, if you’re not a Blys pro yet, you can sign up in the app by filling out the signup form, and someone from our team will get in touch with you to follow up on your account.

When you log in, make sure you tap ‘Allow’ to give the app the permissions it needs to be able to send you booking requests. You won't be able to go ONLINE in your app unless you give your app these permissions.

blys therapist app - allow notifications    blys therapist app - allow location access 

Make sure you select "Always Allow" for your app to know your location accurately:


You need to be ONLINE in your app to be able to receive & accept booking requests.

Blys has bookings all throughout the week – so whenever you’re ready and available to accept booking requests, open the app, go to your Account section, and tap to go Online.

Reminder: As explained above, you must give the app the permissions it needs to operate.

We strongly recommend that you always stay online (even if you’re not available today), so that you’ll get notified about jobs that are booked in advance.


Blys massage therapist app - account page - going online


Set the services/ modalities you’re qualified for in your app, so you receive relevant and personalised job alerts.


Once online, you’ll automatically begin to receive booking requests in your area via the Blys Pro app.

Blys massage therapist app - new offers


Simply go into your app to check out the job details, and tap ‘Accept’ if the job fits into your schedule.

Blys massage therapist app - booking item page - step 1


Once you tap ‘Accept’, the app will prompt you to confirm your time of arrival – which will be automatically sent to the client via our platform.

Blys massage therapist app - accept - step 3


Your arrival time can be anytime between the earliest & the latest start time as indicated by the client. (e.g. – Wednesday, July 27 @ 1:00pm – 4:00pm)

All your confirmed bookings will be listed in the ‘UPCOMING’ section of your app.


You can use the address link provided in the Blys Pro app to find out about the distance to the booking, the estimated driving time and the directions.

You can also find the location notes – such as location type and parking instructions – just below the address link.

Blys massage therapist app - booking item page - address link


Once you’re ready to head to your appointment, simply tap the ‘On my way’ button in your app which will notify the client that you’re on your way. (For virtual / digital services delivered via video-chat, press the "Start session" button instead)

Please remember to arrive 10-15min before the booking start time to give yourself ample time to set up.

Blys massage therapist app - booking item page - on way cta


If you require clarification on the client’s address or parking/ door number, or if you’re running a few minutes late to your appointment, you can contact the client directly from your app by tapping the Contact Client button.

Blys massage therapist app - booking item page - contact client cta


We strive to offer Blys users a seamless and streamlined experience, so please minimise the back-and-forth with the client as much as possible.


As the last step, jump back into your app as soon as you finish and tap ‘Complete’ to finalise the booking. Note that tapping the ‘Complete’ button also processes your payment, so to avoid delays in payments, make sure you tap ‘Complete’ immediately after your appointment.

Blys massage therapist app - booking item page - complete cta



It’s a common occurrence for customers to ask practitioners to extend their session duration. (We can’t blame them, they’re getting the best treatment they’ve ever had!)

The Blys Pro app also allows you to extend the session.

Simply tap the ‘Extend’ button before you complete the job, and select the amount that was added to the session and confirm. This will automatically update the booking details and add the extra charge to the client’s card and to your account.

Blys massage therapist app - booking item page - extend cta        Blys massage therapist app - extend - step 2       Blys massage therapist app - extend - step 1


When a client rebooks you, you will immediately see those rebooking requests at the top of new job offers.

Blys massage therapist app - new offers - rebooking request

Rebooking requests are exclusively available for you for a limited time. (The timer is available to you in your therapist app) see the sample below. If you are not available to accept the offer within the given time, the client will then be notified via email or on their app whether to try another therapist, reschedule the booking, or cancel the booking. Don't stress about losing the job as the app gives you plenty of time to respond to your client.

To recap; Blys clients can easily rebook the same practitioner from our app or website by selecting the Rebook option when booking. In case you need to explain to the client how to rebook you, see this blog post about How To Rebook Your Favourite Therapist for details.

Additionally, being rebooked is an acknowledgment of the level of service you provided – so, thank you for being awesome! 

All bookings must go through Blys to ensure your safety and to ensure we keep Blys running as we rely on the fees we collect. If your client tries to book you privately, advise them to book via the app or website or the Blys team instead.


You can see all your past jobs and your weekly earnings in the ‘Earnings’ section of your app.

earnings - blys therapist app

The jobs on this page are ranked from the most recent to the oldest. 


To maintain the HIGHEST level of service quality, Blys collects feedback from clients for the service they received (a rating from 1 to 5).

You can find your personal rating & all your client reviews in the Account section of your app. Your personal rating is calculated based on the average of the ratings you received to date.

You can also rate & review the clients (it’s a two way street at the end) from your app.


You can update your personal details (such as your password, contact details, qualifications) from the Blys Pro app from the Account section.

Blys massage therapist app - account page - edit profile


If you need to update other details such as your bank account or ABN, you can do that from our website. Simply head to  and log in with the same credentials (email & password) that you use for your Blys Pro app. You'll then be able to view & update all your details from the "Account" section located at the top right-hand corner. You can also check here How do I view & update my professional account details?


Practitioners can rate & review clients. Here's how it works:

  • Go to "Earnings", then select a past job and then tap “Rate Client”

  • Should you wish to make any changes to your review, just select the job and click on "Modify Rating"

  • Your rating and review will be visible (only visible to you) in the client details section of the booking page


Blys professionals can now "Block" clients that they don't want to receive booking requests from - for whatever reason.

This is how it works:

  • Go to “Earnings”

  • Tap on a past / complete job

  • Tap on the “Block Client” button

  • Provide the reason for blocking

  • After the reason is provided & you confirmed the blocking,

    • An automated email alert is sent to our Operations Team, including booking details, practitioner details and the reason for blocking - who will look into your reason and take necessary actions as per our standard procedures.

    • You won't be notified about jobs from that client anymore

    • You have the option to "Unblock" the client


If you have any questions about your booking or your app, or simply need some help, our team is only a few taps away.

You can call, text or email us directly from your app any day, any time. We’re here to help :)