Corporate jobs take place either in an office or at an event.

Customers can book chair massage as well as roving desk massage through Blys. Some corporate customers even book table massages.

  • Chair massage is done while the client is sitting in a proper massage chair. So, you will need to bring your own professional massage chair to each chair job.

  • Roving desk massage is done while you are roaming around the office going desk to desk. Depending on the client's requirements, a therapist would either simply give them a back, neck, head massage while they continue to work at their desk, or the job could require the therapist to bring a portable desk massage face cradle. The type of equipment required will be provided by the client in the “Special Instructions” section of the job in your therapist app, so you will know which kind it is before accepting the job.

It is always important to be on time, but in a corporate environment clients are often on a very strict schedule - we highly recommend that you arrive at the job site at least 15 minutes early so you have plenty of time to find your contact and to get set up and ready to start on time. You can find out how long each massage is meant to be in your Blys therapist app, which will help you stay on schedule.

Do I need my own equipment - e.g. massage chair?

Yes. As the providers of the service, therapists are required to bring all of the equipment they will need for the chair jobs. Equipment requirements may vary depending on client requirements, but they would typically be massage chair / portable desk face cradle, disposable face cradle covers, hand sanitizer, wipes or sanitizing spray to wipe equipment between clients, massage music, timer. Please refer to your therapist app for exact requirements for each job.

If any client loves your service, please remind them that they can also book your service for an in-home massage, if you're offering in-home massages too. (Please be reminded that giving them your personal card while on a Blys job is a direct breach of the Software License Agreement and will result in termination of your account and may also incur legal action against you to seek damages.)