Our system sends automated notifications (email, in-app push notification, or text message) to clients when;

  • they first place their booking request online,

  • their booking is accepted by a practitioner,

  • their practitioner taps ‘on way’ button in the app,

  • and when the job is ‘completed’ by the practitioner in the Blys Pro app.

This means there’s no need for you to communicate directly with the client as the communication is already handled by the Blys team and the platform.

The only occasion/time that you may be required to communicate with the client is when you’re ‘on your way’ to the appointment and need some help with address or parking/door number, or if you’re running a few minutes late to your appointment. This can be done by tapping the ‘Contact Client’ button in your practitioner app – which appears after you tap ‘On way’.


You also don’t need to send a courtesy confirmation text to the customer after you accepted the job. As outlined above, that’s handled by our platform.

The idea here is to ensure we don’t create unnecessary texts/calls back and forth between the customer and Blys and practitioner. One of Blys’s core promises to the customers is that we offer a seamless booking experience that removes the need to make calls to practitioners. Our vision for Blys is – to make getting a professional massage a 1-hour process. Minimising communication between clients and practitioners is an important part of that promise.


Before accepting a rebooking request, you can also chat directly with your clients to offer alternative dates in case you are not available within their preferred time.

(This feature is available for Rebooking Requests/ Direct Bookings of clients to a practitioner)

- Go to "Rebooking Requests"

- Click on "Message"