The Practitioner Code of Conduct provides the expectations around professional conduct and behaviour expected from all Practitioners.

As a self-employed freelancer / independent contractor with Blys, you are expected to be fully compliant with the standards outlined in the Unregistered Health Practitioners Code of Conduct.

Provided below are guides / key aspects for practitioners in providing services / treatments to clients. 

  • must provide health services in a safe and ethical manner
  • if diagnosed with an infectious medical condition, must ensure they practise in a manner that does not put clients at risk
  • must not make claims to cure certain serious illnesses
  • must adopt standard precautions for infection control
  • must not dissuade clients from seeking or continuing with treatment by a registered medical practitioner and must accept the rights of their clients to make informed choices in relation to their health care
  • must not practise under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • must not practise with certain physical or mental conditions
  • must not financially exploit clients
  • are required to have an adequate clinical basis for treatments
  • must not misinform their clients
  • must not engage in a sexual or improper personal relationship with a client
  • must comply with relevant privacy laws
  • must keep appropriate records
  • must keep appropriate insurance
  • must display code and other information (with some exceptions)
  • must not sell or supply an optical appliance without proper authorisation.

Other Reference:

Code of Conduct for General Health Services

National Code of Conduct for health care workers