Despite having the best intentions, sometimes things don't go to plan and disputes between clients and professional may arise.

As an online marketplace that connects clients and professionals, Blys always encourages parties to resolve disputes between themselves first. However, in the event that an agreement can't be reached between parties and in an effort to reach an outcome, Blys offers a dispute resolution support.

Here's how the Blys Dispute Resolution Process works:

1) Blys collects information from both parties

As a company that promotes trust and fairness in our community, we care deeply about forming an objective view for any dispute – so we contact both parties to collect information, to hear each side of the story. This information is often collected via email however we may call as well. These calls are recorded for future reference and as evidence.

Some of the questions we may ask are – how the appointment went if they’ve observed any specific behaviour or activity during the appointment that may have resulted in negative feedback or experience.

Please note that we may, at our absolute discretion, temporarily deactivate user accounts during this process.

Please also note that sometimes clients prefer to remain anonymous for privacy reasons so we may share your client's feedback with you anonymously. This information (including contact details of parties) may be made available to authorities if either party decides to take the matter further to their local court at their own cost.

2) Blys reviews the details

We review information and evidence provided by both parties, including the details of the booking (including in-app messaging logs), accounts in dispute (including past bookings and reviews history).

3) Blys makes a decision

Based on this information and evidence, and as an impartial evaluator of the claims / dispute, Blys then makes a final decision and communicates this decision to both parties.

In the very unlike event and depending on the severity of the claim, Blys may permanently suspend accounts and revoke client's and/or professional's access to our platform if we deem, in our absolute discretion, that's the right thing to do for our community.

Some examples of claims / areas of dispute

Claim / area of disputeExample
The professional wasn't punctual
Arrived late to the appointment

The professional cancelled in short notice

Abandoned / cancelled a confirmed appointment in short notice

The professional didn't deliver the service in full
Only delivered a 50min treatment for a 60min booking

The professional didn't meet the booking requirements
Didn't have the health fund provider ID that the client specified in booking details

The professional behaved in an unprofessional way

  • the attire wasn't professional
  • didn't consult the client before and during the treatment
  • didn't respect the client's environment / home
  • didn't follow hygiene best practices
  • asked too many personal questions
  • made inappropriate comments (discriminatory or profane)
  • and any behaviour that's in breach of relevant industry and jurisdiction Code of Conduct

The professional didn't have the equipment required for the job or the equipment was not in good condition

Should you require assistance, please email the Practitioner Support Team at