Complaints and other feedback provide Blys with the opportunity to improve our services and offer a safer and better experience for all members of our community. These are taken seriously and can be made at any time in writing to or calling 1300 420 188.

(To avoid delays in assisting you, please do not report your complaint via any other channel - such as social media including our online group for providers. We only monitor emails and phone calls.)

Blys will respond and address all complaints and feedback within 24 to 48 hours. A member from our Customer Service Team may contact you to gather additional information. The complainant will be kept informed throughout the process.

If you are in imminent danger or distressed, call your local police immediately before you report to Blys.

Each complainant has the opportunity to:

  • Choose a support person / group to assist him / her during the process,
  • Work with their families and loved ones to try and resolve the issue with Blys,
  • Lodge a complaint in a safe environment and with no reprisal,
  • Access to relevant information about Blys complaint policy and processes,
  • Choose a representative that they want at the service as their point of contact about the complaint.