Blys is committed to building a community that is enjoyable and safe for all - that's built on trust, integrity and kindness.

Our community guidelines and terms provide a framework for all users of our platform (clients and professionals) to have a safe and rewarding experience, and therefore we take these guidelines and terms very seriously. If you breach these terms, you may have your Blys account deactivated and your access to our platform revoked immediately and indefinitely without any notice.

As a reference, here are some of the unacceptable behaviours and practices that may get your account suspended:

Behaviour / ActivityDescription / Example
Inappropriate behaviour

Any of the following behaviours towards other members of our community or Blys staff:

- Threatening or unwanted contact (including visits) with other professionals, clients or Blys HQ staff

- Abusive, inappropriate or damaging language towards clients, professionals or Blys staff or Blys brand

- Discrimination: Actions or comments that discriminate or promote hatred or violence against specific groups or people

- Harassment: Actions or comments that may cause distress or jeopardise other members of the community are not allowed. This may include persistent disturbance, torment, intimidation or contact.

Poor hygiene & equipment standards
If we received reports of poor hygiene practices or equipment standards


Continuously cancelling confirmed bookings and having a low "Reliability rate"

Sharing or requesting private information

- Asking for clients' private information
- Sharing your private information with clients

Poor feedback

Complaints, negative reviews or ratings from other members (clients or professionals) or Blys staff about your service, practices or behaviour. This includes online forums as well.

Inaccurate account information

- If your business registration or insurance is expired but you haven't updated your account and continued to offer your services without appropriate licences and requirements
- Inappropriate account name or profile photo

Sub-contracting to another professional without the consent of the client and Blys

Please refer to our Terms for Professionals once again to learn more about termination and account suspensions.