Yes! You now have your own professional profile page which you can use and share to promote yourself!

Here's how: 

  • Go to "Account" and select "Public Profile"
  • Click on "Share Link"
  • Choose from the available channels that you wish to share your profile. (e.g. Messenger)


  • Once the recipient clicked on the link, they would be able to book you directly.
  • They would also see your ratings and reviews.

Sharing your referral code to invite new clients to Blys

You can also share your unique referral code with potential clients to offer them a $20 discount on their first booking on Blys! This $20 is covered by Blys, so you'll still get the standard take-home rate despite the client paying $20 less. 

This offer is only available to new clients who never booked with Blys before and only for their first booking.