You can track the progress of your booking via the app. Please note though that you will receive a notification via SMS about your booking when you place it over the website.

  • After placing your booking on the app, the status will be 'Pending'. It means that we are checking the availbility of therapists in your area.

  • Soon as your booking has been accepted, the status will be updated to 'Confirmed'.
  • You will also receive a push notification about your booking.

  • Once the therapist is already on their way for your appointment, you will receive another notification.
  • You also have the option to call or send a message to your therapist in case that you have additional instructions that you wanted to share to them.

For the meantime, these features are available on our Blys App so we encourage you to download it on your phone (Apple or android) for a seamless experience. :)