You can manage your bookings in the Blys mobile app - available on App Store or Google Play

If you made a booking on our website, you'll need to download the Blys mobile app and log in to your account to change the details of your booking.

How to change your booking details:

  • Get the Blys mobile app
  • Log in with your username & password
  • Go to the 'Upcoming' page on your app
  • Tap your booking

  • Tap on 'View or Edit order'

  • Tap on 'Change' next to the details you want to change (e.g. treatment type, location...etc.)

  • Make your changes and then tap on 'Save & Apply' to confirm the change

Note: If your booking request has already been confirmed (e.g. a therapist is already assigned), you'll need to cancel your booking and make a new booking with revised details. Please visit "How To Cancel A Booking" to find more about booking cancellations.

If you need help, feel free to contact our customer support team on 1300 420 188 or