You may get a summary of your earnings by simply logging into your Blys Therapist account via our website (use same login details as your therapist app) 

  • Go to 'My Therapist Accout' then 'Earnings'

  • Choose the respective Financial Year for the report that you need
  • Click 'Download Report'

For your tax return, you should claim the entire amount of each job done as your income (e.g. $99 for a 60min massage), and claim the fee that you pay to Blys to use our booking platform as a tax deductible business expense. 

“Massage Fee” is what the client pays the therapist for their service. This is the amount that therapist needs to show as their income when they’re doing their tax.

“Licence Fee” is what the therapist pays Blys for the services that Blys provides to the therapist, such as marketing, customer service, payments processing & invoicing, insurance and platform development.

“Total $ Received” is the net amount the therapist received in their bank after the Blys fee. 

For additional information on how tax works for massage therapists, check out How Tax Works For Massage Therapists page for a comprehensive guideline.