Where can I work as a massage therapist?

Anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. Simply sign up as a service provider and we'll get you onboard asap.

What type of massage services can I offer on the platform?

See available options here: Massage

How much do I make by offering my massage services on Blys?

Up to 75% of the client's price. Please sethis page for details. 

What do I need to start offering massage services on the Blys platform?


  • Fresh sheets and towels 
  • Professional table 
  • Essential lotion or oils (We highly recommend staying away from synthetic oils - such as baby oil)
  • Soothing music 
  • Chair for Corporate bookings
  • Smartphone (iPhone or Android)


If you need help setting up your account or sourcing the required documents, please reach out to our Customer Support team via hello@getblys.com.au.