This would require some analysis and troubleshooting, but here are a couple of scenarios as you why you are not receiving job notifications.

If you think the issue is related to your app; please uninstall & reinstall your app. In most cases, that resolves the issue.


You haven't given permission to the Blys Pro app to access your location or send you notifications.

  • You may get an error message on your Blys Pro app like this:


You’re offline.

Check your phone settings to make sure your location setting is ON, and your status on the ”Account” page of your app is set to ONLINE. You don’t receive push notifications when you’re offline - or for jobs that we received while you were offline.

Reminder: You must give the app the permissions it needs to operate, otherwise the app won't let you go ONLINE. See How Does The Blys Pro App Work for more details.


Blys massage therapist app - account page - going online



Your location setting is not set to "Always".

Check your phone's location settings for the Blys Therapist app to ensure it's set to "Always".

You can do this either when you first install the app (highly recommended), or later from your device settings.

See this page for details: What location setting does my phone need to have for the Blys Therapist app?


You’re using the Blys Pro app on multiple devices.

You must have the Blys Pro app installed & active on a single device only. Be sure to install your app from all other devices (e.g. your iPad) and only have it on your primary mobile device (your mobile phone.)


The demand in your area is low.

We kindly ask you to be patient – we’re working hard to reach out to all potential clients in your area and to make sure your phone is beeping every minute with job requests.

You can help find new clients by proactively promoting your Blys profile in your local area and local online groups. See How To Promote Myself Through Blys page for useful tips on how you can get more bookings from your local.


If you have an Android phone, your phone may be blocking the push notifications from Blys Therapist app.

  • Some Android phones are known to block app push notifications. Unfortunately, Blys can’t determine or change your device settings (we can only control the settings of the therapist app), but here’s some info that may be helpful:

    • Find Autostart (or on some models, it’s called Autolaunch, or Startup Manager, or Background App Management) screen in the Settings of your device. There you’ll need to make sure that Blys Therapist app is marked as ‘Allowed’.

If you're using a Samsung Galaxy S8:

  • Follow the instructions as shown in this video: 

  1. Go into Settings,
  2. Search for "Apps" (wait a few seconds for the setting page to load because Samsung's software can be laggy) and click on it.
  3. Hit the three dots on the upper right corner, go into "Special Access"
  4. Go to "Optimize battery usage."
  5. Tap on the dropdown menu that reads "Apps not optimized", and switch it to "All apps."
  6. Find the Blys Therapist appand tap on the switch to turn it OFF.


You're blocked by the client

Similar to the "Block client" feature we have in the Blys Pro app, clients have a "block pro" feature in their app. If you're blocked by a client, you won't receive job notifications from that specific client. So if you haven't received a job notification from a particular client booking, it may mean that you're blocked by that client.


You are not on the client's favourites list

Clients have the option to add their favourite pros to their "Favourites" list. When a client with 1 or more pros in her favourites list makes a booking again, our system notifies those in the client's "Favourites" list first. If the booking is not accepted by the client's favourite pros, then the system notifies other pros after a delay.

So if you haven't received a job notification from a particular client booking immediately, it may mean that you're not on her "Favourites" list.

Also, note that pros who receive a 5-star rating from a client are automatically added to the clients' favourite list.


Your account hasn't been approved yet 

If you're an applicant, a representative from our Practitioner Support team will reach out to you soon as you have your documents attached to your profile. 

You may click here for more information on the process when applying to join Blys.


You haven't set up your service area. 

Please make sure that you have set up your service area to receive booking notifications. You may update it by logging in to your web account.

You may click here for more information.

If you have any other questions relating to your app or phone, feel free to contact our operations team at or 1300 420 188.