Your service area will be set up based on your real-time GPS location as default but you have an option to change and base it on a fixed area. Both methods can be active simultaneously, which means you could get notified of jobs around your home while completing a job in another area or traveling in a different city. 

Updating service area on the website 

  • Simply log into your Blys Pro account via our website and use the same login details as your Blys Pro app) then go to "Pro dashboard" page.

  • Under the "Service area" section, you can update your preferred service area either it's based on your current location or based on a fixed location. You can also select your preferred radius.
  • If you select "based on a fixed location, don't forget to add the suburb name.

  • Choosing none of the options would show a warning that you won’t receive any job notifications

Watch our how-to video to learn more.