Based on feedback we received from customers and top-rated therapists, we’ve put together a list of pro-tips that may help you always have a 5-star rating on Blys:

Customer Service

Clients give 5 star ratings to the therapists who:

  • Have a positive and calm attitude

  • Use good communication before the massage so that you know exactly what the client is looking for, and throughout the massage to make sure the pressure you’re using is appropriate

  • Maintain a clean and professional appearance; appropriate attire, neat hair/makeup

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before the massage is meant to begin so you have time to set up and get started on time, and call or text clients to let them know in advance if running a few minutes late

  • Tap the “On Way” button in the therapist app, which sends the client an automated text that shows ETA

  • Maintain professionalism throughout the appointment and avoid talking too much during the massage ort asking questions that may be deemed too personal (e.g. what star signs they are, anything about politics.etc.)

  • Ask to wash their hands in another room before beginning the massage to a) provide a private moment for the client to change and b) so that they know you value cleanliness when touching their body

  • Make sure the client stays covered and warm throughout the entire massage

  • Never ask for a 5-star review or a tip, but focus instead on providing an excellent experience that makes them want to give you 5 stars

  • Go above and beyond to make the experience special, such as providing a choice of unscented or scented oil, or placing a cloth or a tissue with an essential oil on it in a place where they can smell it during the massage

Equipment Quality & Cleanness

Clients give higher ratings to therapists who:

  • Make sure the table is in good condition and sturdy

  • Have the towels or sheets always clean, smelling nice, and matching in colour

  • Have a speaker to make the music louder and clearer than simply playing from your phone

  • Have larger towels so the clients stay completely covered and provide a blanket in the winter so the clients do not feel cold during the massage

  • Cover the client’s eyes when they are lying supine to provide for ultimate relaxation