Here are the basics:

  • Blys is a technology service provider that allows customers to request and book wellness services and provides the platform for wellness professionals to create a profile and accept those booking requests. 
  • Blys allows the wellness professionals access to our platform to receive those booking requests / leads as well as taking care of technology, marketing, scheduling, payments, invoicing, customer service and other admin work. In exchange for access to our platform & the services we provide and to cover our business costs, we charge a small fee for each booking.
  • You are not employed or contracted by Blys. You are self-employed and run your own mobile business. You use the Blys platform to find new clients and build an online presence for your business.
  • Blys does not provide wellness services. Blys provides an online platform for clients and professionals to connect.

To find the full agreement follow this link: Software License Agreement