Prior to accepting the booking:

  • Ensure you checked the client requirements provided in booking details and instructions - and only accept if you can comply with the client's specific requirements

Prior to starting the treatment:

  • Ensure you have received verbal consent from the child's primary care giver
  • Ensure an adult carer of the child is present during the duration of the treatment

For information about what the client should do prior to the booking click here.

Working with Children Check

In some Australian states and territories (jurisdictions) compulsory checks have been introduced with the aim of protecting minors from abuse in certain circumstances.

Therapists may be required to undertake these checks by law in their jurisdiction, or there may be no check, or the check may be optional.

A check valid in one state is not transferable to another jurisdiction, and the holder must apply for a check in each jurisdiction in which they work. Therapists who work temporarily in another jurisdiction (for example, travelling with a sporting team) should enquire with the authority in the jurisdiction to which they are travelling to determine if they will require a check.

The following table summarises whether or not a check is required by law in your jurisdiction: 

Working with vulnerable people check
NSWWorking with children check
NTWorking with children clearance notice / Ochre Card
QLDBlue Card
SAChildā€related employment screening
TASWorking with children registration
VICWorking with children check 
WAWorking with children check

Therapists are advised that it may be an offence under the law to provide treatment to a child without holding an appropriate check.

Please see more information here.