Yes, your provider IDs are only shared with your clients after each treatment you provided to them.

Your provider IDs are never shared with any other client or practitioner without your knowledge so you can rest assured that your private information is kept secure and confidential and only sent to your clients.

Blys platform streamlines the payments and invoices for you. We simply generate an invoice with your details on it, on your behalf, and send that to clients that you treat. This also makes the claims process much easier for your clients; they simply use your invoice to submit for their health fund rebate. So to ensure your clients always have accurate information in your invoices, we require you to upload your provider IDs to your Blys account.

Here's a sample invoice that Blys platform generates & sends to clients on your behalf. The information on these invoices comes directly from your account on Blys, so make sure your details are always accurate and up-to-date.