Where can I work as a lash & brow specialist?

Anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. Simply sign up as a practitioner and we'll get you on board asap.

What type of lash & brow treatments can I offer on the Blys platform?

See available lash & brow treatment options here: https://getblys.com.au/services/lash-and-brow

How much do I make by offering lash & brow treatments on Blys?

Up to 75% of the client price (up to $157 per booking). Please see this page for details.

What do I need to start offering lash & brow treatments on the Blys platform?


  • Professional kit/station
  • Hygiene products such as masks and gloves
  • Smart and professional clothing or branded Blys top (optional)
  • Smartphone (iPhone or Android)