How it works

Blys Telehealth services allows clients to book private consultations or sessions with qualified health & wellness practitioners from the comfort and safety of their homes.

The sessions are delivered via video-calls.

Similar to our in-person bookings, clients can choose the date & time of their sessions and place bookings online via the Blys client app or website. We will then notify relevant practitioners via SMS, email or the Blys practitioner app about the booking requests. You can respond to the booking request via the Blys practitioner app by either accepting or declining the booking request. If accepted, Blys will generate a video link for a private video-call between you and the client. This link will be available in your practitioner app and will also be emailed to you prior to your session. You simply need to follow the video link to connect with your client few minutes before the scheduled session start time. (Please see the walk-through below for your reference.)

At the end of the session, simply end the video session, and complete the booking in your practitioner app to receive the service fee. Please refer to How much do I take home from each booking? page as a guide on payments.

Blys platform automatically sends the receipt to the client with your details on it on your behalf, so you won't have to worry about the invoice or receipt - it's taken care of by Blys.

All client payments are made securely & in advance through Blys. Clients can use a variety of payment options including Credit Card, PayPal, ApplePay and Afterpay for their sessions. Please has a strict client cancellation policy for late cancellations to ensure your income is protected. We have a practitioner cancellation policy too to ensure the highest professional standards within our community.

If clients would like to rebook their favourite instructor / practitioner, they can easily do this from the Blys app or from their web account.

What you need

You need a decent internet connection + a laptop or a smartphone that has a mic & camera so you can connect with your practitioner online via a video-call.

For yoga and fitness services, you'll need enough space to fit a yoga mat & to deliver the session / service successfully.

For mental wellness services such as mindfulness and coaching and counselling, you need a quiet and a private space to ensure you're away from the external distractions and can ensure client confidentiality and privacy.

If you're interested in joining Blys to offer online wellness services, check out How do I sign up as a practitioner? page to get started.

Walk-through for online sessions

  • You will receive a notification soon as a job comes in.
  • The job will be under the 'New Bookings' or 'Rebooking' page on your app.


  • Once you click the notification, it will direct you to the job.
  • You will see the job details such as the booking number, client's preferred time, type of service, job details and the amount that you are getting.

  • You can either 'Accept' or 'Decline' the job.
  • Once you accept, you can select from the client's preferred time then press 'okay'.

  • If you choose decline, a dropdown list will be provided. Select the corresponding reason then click 'confirm'.

  • Accepted Jobs will automatically be moved to your 'Upcoming Page'
  • You will receive a confirmation email with the meeting link for accepted jobs, and a calendar reminder.

  • Before clicking the 'Start Session' we recommend you to set up everything first and join the meeting 5 to 10 minutes prior the session. Please do not forget to click this as this will also notify your client that the session is about to start.
  • Please click the meeting link that was sent to you to 'start the session'
  • In case there will be changes in the start time, click on the option and a notification will be sent out to the client about the changes.
  • Should the client opted to extend, please do not forget to tap "Extend" and select the corresponding number of minutes for the extension.

  • Right every after session, please do not forget to tap 'Complete' as we only pay completed jons.

Should you encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to call us at 1300 420 188 or send an email to