Right after your treatement, you can leave a rating/ review for your therapist about your massage experience. 

Here's how:

Via App

- Go to 'Past Bookings' then select the corresponding massage appointment that you wish to leave your review.

- Click on 'Rate Therapist'

Just click on the stars that you want to give your therapist.

- Leaving a message is not required but we encourage you to share with us your feedback about your experience. This will help us to improve the areas that we need to work on. :)

- Click 'Submit Feedback'

The ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 - where 5 indicates an 'amazing', and 1 indicates a 'very poor' experience.

When you give your therapist a 5 out 5, this therapist will be automatically added to your "Favourites" list - which means he/ she will be first notified on your next booking request.

You can check all the list of your favourite therapists. Just go to 'Therapist' page then 'Favourites'

In case that you wanted your most recent therapist to be notified first, you may simply do so by choosing the 'Move Down' or 'Promote Up' option.

You will also receive an email from us like this:

In case that you give your therapist a 1 or 2 rating, our platform automatically adds the name of the therapist to your 'Blocked' list. This means - next time you book, the app ensures you don't get booked with that therapist again.

To check:

- Go to 'Therapist' page

- Go to 'Blocked'


Via Website

- Go to 'My Bookings'

- Click on the Booking ID number

- Click on 'Leave a review about the therapist'

- Select the number of stars

- Leaving a feedback/ comment is also optional

- Click 'Send Review

As of the moment, the Add therapist to favourites and Block a therapist are some of the key features of the app which collectively allow you to personalise your booking.

We encourage you to download the Blys Massage App as we have other features designed & built for better customer experience.