Despite how careful, respectful and professional therapists are, accidents can still happen. The good thing is, all therapists using the Blys platform are insured.

If you think your therapist caused a damage to your property, first thing you should do is to take pictures of the damage.

Blys will coordinate the insurance claim process between you, your therapist and the insurer.

  • Blys will collect all information from you with regards to your insurance claim, including;
    • Photos of damage
    • Date & time of event
    • Booking ID (if possible)
    • The value of the damaged property ($)
    • Estimated cost to repair the damaged property ($)
    • Any other information that may be helpful for a claim
  • Blys will send this information to the therapist so your therapist can contact his/her insurer.
  • The insurer will then contact you directly to do their own investigation.
  • The insurer will get an estimated cost of repair from a third party.
  • If your claim is accepted, the insurer will get the damaged repaired.

Disclaimer: Nothing contained within this is to be considered personal or general advice in relation to Insurance. Blys recommends you consult your qualified, licensed and professional Insurers and/or Insurance advisers for more details and support in these matters.