For standard bookings, therapists typically receive about 75% of the booking price, where 25% is the amount you pay to Blys for the bookings and other services we provide to you.

So for example, a standard 60min treatment costs the clients $99. You would keep $74.25 after the $24.75 Blys fee.

You receive an additional $15 for hotel bookings, and another $15 for bookings that start at 9pm or later.

Corporate bookings may differ depending on the length of the booking, total number of therapists booked, and the client's budget.

The price you see your therapist app is the net total amount you'll receive for completing that job.

Please note, as the owner of your own mobile practice, you're solely responsible from tax and other obligations under the local law. Please see Do I Declare The Money I Make Through Blys? for more details.