We've added these two new ratings to help you track your performance on Blys.

The Reliability rate and Rebooking rate are calculated based on the average of your last 50 bookings. This will give you the chance to improve your ratings if or when they drop.

Reliability rate is the ratio of bookings that you completed after accepting. For example, abandoning a confirmed job decreases your reliability rate, completing it increases or maintains it.

Accepted bookings: 50

Completed bookings: 45

Abandoned bookings: 5

Reliability rate: 90%

This doesn't apply to couples jobs where the 2nd therapist hasn't been confirmed yet - so you can abandon a job if the booking hasn't been confirmed yet.

If your reliability rate drops below 80%, our platform automatically puts your account on hold for our team to review your account.

Rebooking rate is the ratio of rebookings in your last 50 completed bookings. The more rebookings you complete, the higher your Rebooking Rate will be.

These rates are updated every time you complete a job.

The higher your ratings are, the more booking requests you receive as our platform algorithm prioritises top-performing professionals when matching them with clients.

If your rebooking rate is below a certain threshold, our platform may automatically put your account on hold for our team to review your account.