You can now "Block" individual clients in the therapist app and if you don't want to receive booking requests from - for whatever reason.

Once you block the client, you won't receive any request from the specific client again. 

This is how it works:

  • Go to “Earnings”
  • Select the corresponding job that you wish to cancel.
  • Tap on “Block Client” button

  • Provide the reason for blocking the client and click on Submit.

Once you submit the report, the Operations Team will be notified immediately.

If the reason provided was due to sexual or harassment, the client will be blocked in the entire platform and can no longer book with us.


If you have any questions about your booking or your app, or simply need some help, our team is only a few taps away.

You can call, text or email us directly from your app any day, any time. We’re here to help