The following details must be clearly printed on receipts, invoices and tax invoices (it cannot be handwritten):

  • Name of the therapist who gave the treatment
  • Business name (if applicable)
  • Practice address. This must be a street address not a PO Box.
  • Contact number
  • Association and member number (if applicable)
  • ABN  

The following details must also be included but may be handwritten:

  • Client’s name and address
  • Date of treatment
  • Nature of treatment
  • Health Fund provider number
  • Amount Paid for Massage --please input total amount client paid 
  • Date of payment

You must give an accurate description of the treatment performed on your receipts (e.g. Remedial Massage, Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage, Myotherapy etc). Issuing a receipt for services that did not take place is a form of fraud.