Blys platform automatically handles receipts for you. A receipt is created & sent to your client immediately after you complete the booking with all your details as per the below requirements so you don't have to manually create a receipt for bookings you completed through Blys. Our platform streamlines this entire process for you and clients.

The following details must be clearly printed on receipts, invoices and tax invoices (it cannot be handwritten):

  • Name of the therapist who gave the treatment
  • Business name (if applicable)
  • Practice address. This must be a street address not a PO Box.
  • Contact number
  • Association and member number (if applicable)
  • ABN  

The following details must also be included but may be handwritten:

  • Client’s name and address
  • Date of treatment
  • Nature of treatment
  • Health Fund provider number
  • Amount Paid for Massage --please input the total amount client paid 
  • Date of payment

You must give an accurate description of the treatment performed on your receipts (e.g. Remedial Massage, Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage, Myotherapy etc). Issuing a receipt for services that did not take place is a form of fraud.