Bookings are made in a few simple steps online on our website or Blys massage app using your Apple or Android devices where you can customise your massage and pay securely for your massage.

If you’re having difficulty booking online, you can call our team on 1300 420 188 and we’ll take your booking over the phone.

Once booking is confirmed (accepted by therapists), payment will be automatically processed. We don't charge until your booking is confirmed. We only put an authorisation request for that amount on your card, just to make sure you have the sufficient funds when your booking is confirmed. If for whatever reason you end up canceling, those funds would just be released immediately without leaving your bank. 

Please note that for phone bookings, the payment must be made within 1-hour after your therapist is confirmed. If we don’t receive the payment within 1-hour of confirmation, we reserve the right to cancel your booking.