The short answers is, no. Here’s why:

We take the stress out of getting a massage, by offering you a reliable and trusted service and community, and seamlessly connecting you with qualified and vetted local practitioners on a very short notice.

Blys makes life a lot easier for its self-employed practitioner partners too, by handling all business aspects of their practice (marketing, scheduling, payments, customer service and admin work), so that they can concentrate on what they love doing – their practice. Professionals on the Blys platform make 2-3 times more per treatment than what they make in traditional bricks-and-mortar clinics or spas, so you can rest assured knowing that your therapist is happy and looked after. In return, and to cover our costs, we charge them a small fee from every booking which is our only source of income.

So, if you enjoy the convenience and the quality of our service, we kindly ask you to respect our team & their work, and always rebook your practitioners through our platform so that we can ensure you’ll always get the same level of service quality, whenever and wherever you want.

If you’ve used our service before and wanted to book the same therapist again, you can simply rebook your favourite therapist and have him / her again with a few simple taps or clicks.