Yes, 100%!

When you’re making your next booking, simply go to the “Past Bookings” section in your account on our website or app, and “Rebook” your favourite therapist.


1. Go to Past Bookings and tap any of the previous bookings you had with your preferred therapist.

2. Once you're in the booking page, tap Rebook at the bottom.

3. Should you need to amend anything on the booking, you can tap Change on each line item and amend accordingly. Otherwise, tap Pay to finalise the rebooking request.


1. Go to Past Bookings.

2. Look for any previous booking you had with your preferred therapist, and tap Rebook.

3. Should you need to change anything on the booking, you can click the page navigators on top of the page, and amend accordingly. Otherwise, simply click Continue.

4. Finally, you'll reach the Checkout page. Finalise the rebooking request by clicking Place Order.

Although we cannot guarantee that your favourite therapist will be available for your booking time and location, we will ensure your booking is offered to your favourite therapists first. If he/she is not available, we'll get in touch with you to organise an alternative and may assign your booking to the first available therapist.