Yes, 100%!

When you are making your next booking, simply go to the “Past Bookings” section in your account on our website or app, and “Rebook” your favorite service provider.

Via App

1. Go to Past Bookings and tap any of the previous bookings you had with your preferred service provider and tap the photo.

2. Once you're on the booking page, tap Rebook at the bottom.

3. Should you need to amend anything on the booking like payment details or enter a voucher code, you can scroll down and tap on Add a payment method for the payment or if you have a voucher, enter the code on Have a coupon? and tap Apply. Otherwise, tap Request to book to finalize the rebooking request.

Via the website

1. Go to Past Bookings.

2. Click the Service Type or the word "Completed". 

3. Click Rebook.

3. Should you need to change anything on the booking, you can click the options in the Booking Summary on the right part of the page, and amend accordingly. Otherwise, simply click Request to book at the bottom.

Please note that the default Service Type is 60min Single Swedish Massage, with no service provider gender preference.

Although we cannot guarantee that your favourite service provider will be available for your booking time and location, we will ensure your booking is offered to your favourite service providers first. 

Service providers declined / have not responded to the rebooking:

There are times that your rebooking requests might be declined by service providers because of conflicts on other bookings or they are simply busy.

If your service provider is not available and declined the rebooking request or has not responded, a notification from the app will appear on your phone and an email will be sent as well. You will then be asked whether to try another service provider, reschedule the booking, or cancel the booking for now. 

Service providers have declined the rebooking requests: 

Email sent if rebooking was made via the website or via the app. 

service providers have not responded to the rebooking requests: 

Email sent if rebooking was made via the website or via the app.