Some providers find our system for payment, booking, and client management much simpler than other alternatives or their own tools – and therefore prefer to take bookings from their own clients through Blys.

So if/when you refer your clients to Blys, simply share your personal profile page link with them & ask them to book you through your Blys therapist page. Blys will manage the rest from there, making sure you and your client have a seamless experience.

Visit Can I ask clients to book me directly through Blys? for more info on how provider profile pages work.

Sharing your referral code to invite new clients to Blys

You can also share your unique referral code with potential clients to offer them a $20 discount on their first booking on Blys! This $20 is covered by Blys, so you'll still get the standard take-home rate despite the client paying $20 less. 

This offer is only available to new clients who never booked with Blys before and only for their first booking.