If a client wants to have you as their preferred therapist for the next booking, that is great news! It’s an acknowledgment of the level of service you provided – so firstly, thank you for being awesome.

Clients can easily rebook the same therapist from our app or website, by selecting the Rebook option when booking. See this blog post about How To Rebook Your Favourite Therapist for details.

When a client rebooks you, you will immediately see those direct booking requests at the top of new job offers and you will also receive an email.

Direct booking requests are exclusively available for you for a limited time (This timer is available to you in your therapist app) see the sample below. If you are not available to accept the offer within the given time, the client will then be notified via email or on the app whether to try another therapist, reschedule the booking, or cancel the booking. 

To ensure your availability, we recommend that you get the client to rebook you for your next session while you are still with the client so your next session is all locked in and the client is guaranteed to see you again.

In the event that you are not available to accept the direct booking request and wish to offer your schedule to the client, you may do so by sending them a message from the app:

  • From the app, go to "New" and select the job.
  • Select "Message"


  • Type your message and click "Send"

If you think that you really can't accept the rebooking request at all, you may "Decline" the job. Rest assured that it won't affect your completion rate.

  • Select the job that you wish to decline

  • Select the reasons from the dropdown
  • Choose "Confirm"

Your client will be notified that you are not available for their rebooking if you "Decline". They will be provided with other options should they wish to proceed or cancel. (I really liked the therapist I had. Can I rebook the same therapist?)