Punctuality is extremely important for clients as often they're on a tight schedule. Based on thousands of reviews we received to date, "being on time" is by far the most common theme from clients who rated their practitioner 5-stars.

Therefore something as simple as arriving at the client’s location 10-15 minutes before the treatment – which should give you plenty of time to locate and enter the client’s house/unit, and set everything up for the massage - will ensure you and your clients have a great experience.

Planning Ahead

We know that there are certain days and times where the traffic or transportation, in general, can be particularly slow – e.g. end of school holidays, peak hour…etc. On these days/times, you might want to plan your travel accordingly and give yourself an extra 10min to be safe.

Giving Your Client A Heads Up

However, despite all your efforts, sometimes things happen and you may be running behind schedule. In this case, simply contact the client directly from your Pro App and let them know – either via a message or a call – that you’re running behind. Giving them the reassurance that you will add an extra time to their appointment (so that they will still get the same amount of time on the table) is often the difference between a good & a great client experience.

Please see: How do I contact the client? When's the best time to contact the client?

Real-Time Location Tracking

Please also remember – when you tap “On Way” button in your app, our system sends a tracking link to the client which shows them exactly where you are on a map and how far you are. So it’s very likely that client already knows you’re running a bit behind – but please give the courtesy message / call anyway.


Please note that, just like we have a no-show policy for clients, we have the same rule for practitioners too. If you’re more than 20min late, the client has the right to cancel the booking if they choose to. This will be considered a no-show by the practitioner and will accrue a cancellation fee for the practitioner. Please refer to Provider Abandonment Policy