Pregnancy massage is for women who are more than 12 weeks pregnant and is performed while the client is lying on their sides.

You should try to make the client as comfortable as possible by using pillows under their head and in between their legs while they are lying on their side. We recommend that you never use essential oils on a pregnant client. And, it’s best to use a lighter pressure avoiding trigger points altogether. The main purpose of this massage is for the mum-to-be to feel relaxed and pampered.

Top Therapist Tips:

  1. Therapists should never perform massage if the client is less than 12 weeks pregnant. 

  2. Pregnancy massage should be performed side-lying and supine, never prone as it could hurt the baby. Make sure to check before you start the massage to see if the woman is still comfortable lying on her back at all. Sometimes that can be very uncomfortable, and then you will need to do the entire massage side-lying. 

  3. Don’t forget to bring your own pillows to support the client. One or 2 should be placed under the head, one between the knees, and one between the ankles for optimal comfort. This may vary depending on the size of your pillows.

  4. Make sure you bring a very natural oil with no essential oils. It is thought that essential oils may be harmful to the baby. 

  5. Avoid pressure points on a pregnant woman, and keep the massage pressure relatively light. No deep tissue. 

We realize there can be controversy over some of these beliefs about pregnancy massage. However, because you are dealing with a woman in a very delicate position, we highly recommend following these recommendations to protect the baby, the expecting mother, and yourself.