Watch our video: What is Couples Massage & How to Perform It

With couples massages, clients can book 2 therapists to massage 2 customers – where each therapist give a massage simultaneously to each client. (As opposed to a back-to-back option where 1 therapist gives massages to both clients , one after the other.)

You’ll receive 2 jobs from your Blys Pro app for couples bookings with 2 therapists. Please only accept one of the jobs in your app. The other job is for your partner therapist.

  • You won't be able to proceed with the booking if the client requested for 2 therapists, and your partner pro is not confirmed. See Partner Pro isn’t confirmed
  • Please note that you will be notified when the clients opted for a back to back massage instead

When both therapists are confirmed, you will see the details of your therapist partner in your Blys Pro app. This is so that you can contact your therapist partner to coordinate your arrival at the same time.

Do we arrive together?

Yes, ideally - that's what the clients expect. Please allow yourself an extra 10mins for arrival for this.

Based on the feedback we receive from clients, we note that punctuality is always extremely important for clients – but it’s extra important to be punctual for couples massages for two reasons:

  1. Often couples who book massages through Blys have other plans following their massage – such as dinners, so by being late, we risk ruining their other plans
  2. Your partner therapist might be booked for another appointment after the couples massage, so we might upset your therapist partner and their next client.

What if my partner therapist is late?

If your therapist partner (you’re doing the couples massage with) is running late to a couples session, we recommend that you wait for 10 minutes and then go in and start without your partner. Our Customer Care team will contact the client to keep them updated about their bookings and the other therapist's ETA. 

If the booking is in a hotel (as is the case with some couples massages), we recommend that you meet your therapist partner at the concierge and go up together.

Based on hundreds of feedbacks we received from clients, we've put together this list of items that the clients expect from their therapist when they book a couples massage:

  • Therapists arriving at least 10 minutes before the massage.

  • Therapist s walking into the appointment together.

  • Therapiststepping out of the room to allow the client privacy to undress and get on the tables.

  • Therapistcoordinating the start and the finish time so the sessions end at the same time for both clients.