The safety of our therapists is everything to us. That’s why we have a rigorous screening and monitoring process in place.

  1. All Blys Massage clients must register a valid email, mobile number and credit card before they make a booking request.

  2. Blys phone-screens all new male clients who request female therapists, and takes them through a standard set of questions to ensure clients are 100% clear on a) the type of service therapists offer, b) our terms and c) consequences of inappropriate questions (which includes reporting to authorities).

  3. We give therapists a check-in / check-out system in their therapist app so we know you’ve safely completed your appointment.

  4. We contact therapists if they haven't checked-out of an appointment within 40min of estimated time of completion.

  5. Therapists can rate & review their clients after each appointment. Any client that doesn’t comply with our service terms and guidelines, or have been flagged by a therapist for inappropriate behaviour,  is removed from our platform immediately.

  6. Therapists can block clients that they don't want to see again, with a single tap in the therapist app.

  7. Our local Therapist Support team is available 24/7 via phone, live chat or SMS, if you need any assistance or have questions. We’re one call or text away.

As a result of this approach, from 10,000s of bookings completed to date, there hasn't been a single claim with regards to safety, which shows that these procedures we currently have in place are effective.

If you ever feel unsafe for whatever reason, or think the location is not suitable for you to provide your service, please know that you’re not obliged by Blys to stay and provide your service. You can and should simply leave and contact our Therapist Support team immediately. Your safety and peace of mind is the most important to us.