As part of the service Blys provides to wellness professionals, our platform facilitates the entire payment process including the client invoices. 

When you complete a booking (by tapping the "Complete" button in your therapist app), our platform automatically generates a tax invoice and emails it to your client. This tax invoice is created in your name and on your behalf - and has your details on it; your legal name, your ABN, your registered address, and your health fund provider IDs if applicable. Please know that as a service provider, you’re legally required to issue invoices for the service you provide to clients, so having this business information in your account is a requirement. 

To ensure a seamless experience for your clients, please make sure the details in your Blys profile are always up to date. See How To Update Your Details for more details on how to update your details.

This automated system makes Blys a hassle-free, safe and convenient experience for all members of our platforms - for both the clients and the professionals. 

Sample invoice