The payment made by the client is all inclusive and collected in full & upfront at the time of booking.

Unless otherwise stated, the standard service fee paid to the therapist includes travel, parking, professional massage table, fresh towels, massage oils, music and full body massage.

Blys adds $20 extra (per therapist) for hotel bookings to compensate for additional operational costs that are associated with hotel bookings. This extra fee is added to the total booking fee that the client pays.

Blys processes therapist payments every Tuesday but it depends on your bank as to when you can see the funds credited on  your account. 

Payments are made in lump sum as a single weekly transaction directly to your nominated bank account, and covers all bookings you have ‘completed’ in past week, from Monday to Sunday.

You get paid for bookings you have ‘completed’ in the app, so it’s very important that you tap ‘Complete’ immediately after each appointment.

You can see a list of your completed bookings & your weekly earnings in the ‘Earnings’ section of your therapist app:


earnings - blys therapist app


If you have any questions about payments, please send them to our Payments Team on