We’ve got a lot of feedback from clients, and they prefer when the practitioners use sheets. 

Benefits of sheets vs towels:

  • Draping is Easier - Because sheets are so much bigger it is easier to ensure that all parts of the clients, except the one you are currently working on, stay fully covered. This makes them feel less self-conscious, and it also keeps them warmer when their toes or the side of their arm isn’t sticking out.

  • Less to Carry - Sheets are so much lighter than towels. They will shrink your massage bag by at least 1/2. 

  • Easier to Wash - You can fit more sets of sheets into the washer, and they dry in 1/3 of the time towels take. 

  • Cheaper - You can buy a set of twin/single sheets at Kmart for $17. One oversized towel will cost you from $10- $20, depending on where you get it. 

Tip: For those who use the face hole built into the table, you can simply cut a hole in the fitted sheet for their face to go into. You can also sew up the edges of the hole so that it looks nicer.