Everyone seems to have their own ideas about what each of those words mean. We’ve come up with some basic definitions so that the client and the therapist expectations are aligned.

Please note;

When selecting the modalities you wish to offer, as per our Licence Agreement, it's expected that you hold relevant qualifications and/or experience for the services you're offering. Some modalities require specialised qualifications/experience (in addition to the core qualifications) and special equipment (in addition to standard equipment requirements) - please refer to the table below. 

Additional Equipment
Additional Qualification
Relaxation/Swedish Massage
The main goal for this massage is to relax the client fully. You would typically use long strokes that create a nice overall flow over the whole body. You may target a few trigger points if the client wants that, but you wouldn’t attack them with full force unless the client says it is ok.

Remedial Massage

This is still a full-body massage, but using a bit more pressure. You can target more trigger points and really aim to get those knots out while still making the client feel like you covered the entire body.

Sports Massage
Typically, the goal for this modality of massage is to help with recurring tightness or problems due to sports, training, or everyday activity and use. You might do some assessments before and after, some stretches, and maybe some active release techniques during the massage. The client may want the massage targeted specifically to those problem areas as opposed to getting to the entire body.

Pregnancy Massage
This type of massage is for women who are more than 12 weeks pregnant and is performed while the client is lying on their side. It’s best to make the client comfortable using pillows under the head and in between the legs. You should probably avoid using essential oils and only use a lighter pressure avoiding trigger points altogether. The main purpose of this massage is for the mum-to-be to feel relaxed and pampered.

Extra towels or pillows to prop up the client.

Lymphatic Drainage
This is a specialised massage technique that aims to enhance lymphatic flow in the body through the use of well-calculated pressure and rhythmic circular movements. This technique allows the lymph to move towards the heart, allowing the drainage of fluid and waste. Toxins are then cleared from the system, decreasing its impairment.

Min 6 months' professional experience and/or formal Lymphatic Drainage training.
This is a Relaxation/Swedish Massage that incorporates essential oils into the treatment to promote healing and a feeling of well-being and relaxation. 

High-quality essential oils.
A good understanding of the benefits of aromatherapy and professional experience.
Hot Stone Massage
This is a deep, holistic full-body massage experience that uses hot stones. It's designed to stimulate the flow of blood, warm the muscles and calm the nervous system.

With treatments starting from 90-mins, this is a rejuvenating and relaxing offering for clients.

Please note that this offering requires additional time for heating stones however this has been factored into the service cost.

Hot stones and hot stone heater.
Min 6 months' professional experience and/or formal training.

Add-Ons (launching soon)

Add-onDefinitionAdditional Equipment
Additional Qualifications
AromatherapyWhen the client selects "Aromatherapy" as an add-on to his/her massage, you simply incorporate the use of essential oils into the client's existing massage treatment.

High-quality essential oils.
A good understanding of the benefits of aromatherapy and professional experience.
Foot Reflexology
When the client selects "Foot Reflexology" as an add-on to his/her massage, you simply add a foot reflexology massage (for selected duration) in addition to their standard treatment.

For example, a client can book a 60min Remedial + 20min Foot Reflexology.

Extra towels or pillows.
Min 6 months' professional experience and/or formal training.
Head Massage
When the client selects "Head Massage" as an add-on to his/her massage, you simply add a head massage (for the selected duration) in addition to their standard treatment.

An example scenario would be;
60min Remedial Massage + 20min Head Massage.

Professional experience.


The price of modalities will differ depending on the service. The standard services (Remedial, Swedish, Sports and Pregnancy) will remain at the baseline price and then other modalities (such as hot stones, lymphatic drainage) and add-ons will be charged at an extra cost. This will provide therapists with the opportunity to earn more per booking while providing clients with a greater range of services.

The Service Fees offered for each booking request will be available in your therapist app.

How New Modalities & Add-Ons Work


As a practitioner, you can select the modalities that you would like to offer as part of your mobile massage service. You will receive relevant and personalised job alerts based on the modalities you select. You can do this by logging into your profile setting on the app or website. Examples of how to do this are here and below. 

Website - Pro Dashboard > Services

App - Profile > Update Profile > Qualifications


Clients can select any one of the standalone modalities, and then an "add-on" if they wish to.  

For example, a client can select to have a 90min Remedial massage and then add on a 20min Foot Reflexology. The full booking details will be clearly visible to you in your therapist app.

For your reference, this is how the "add-on" functionality will look in the client app:

(Prices shown below are only for demonstration)