A standard service (e.g. the fee we collect from the client on your behalf) includes;

  • travel and parking,

  • professional equipment - e.g. massage table or chair (if required),

  • fresh towels,

  • natural massage oil (We highly recommend staying away from synthetic oils - such as baby oil),

  • music,

  • and full body massage (unless the client specified any focus area)

60min booking means 60min on the table, so please allow 10-min on each side for set-up & pack-up.

For hotel bookings, our Customer Service Team calls the hotel after receiving the booking and try to organise parking for you, however, we can’t guarantee parking as some hotels simply don’t offer parking to guests or staff. In any case, practitioners earn an additional 'hotel fee' for all hotel bookings, to help you with additional time/cost that you may have to set aside for hotel bookings.

Our team tries to organise parking for corporate/event bookings as well, however, we cannot guarantee that parking will be available as it depends on location and client. Ultimately, as the service provider, travel to & from the client is up to you. (Please remember that you may be able to claim your travel and parking expenses at the end of the year as they are tax-deductible business expenses.)

If you don't think you can provide the service to the client at the time and location of their request, please do not accept the job. Late cancellations by practitioners incur penalties.

If you're new to the world of mobile massage, be sure to check out these resources: